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    Are you struggling with debt? Are you looking for an alternative to bankruptcy? Our Phoenix debt settlement lawyers can help settle your debt for less without the need to file bankruptcy.

    What is Attorney Debt Settlement?

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    Debt settlement is where a creditor agrees to accept a reduced amount in satisfaction of an outstanding debt. Most companies that you owe money to realize that if you were to file bankruptcy they would receive very little if any money. Consequently, these companies are often willing to accept a lesser amount. In return, you pay off your debt at a reduced rate and avoid filing bankruptcy.

    What Kind of Debt Can Be Settled?

    Credit card debt, mortgage and HELOC debt, SBA loans, business debt, medical bills, personal loans, and more.

    Can I Afford Debt Settlement?

    If you have an income or have money set aside you will likely qualify for debt settlement. Debt settlement involves making a lump sum payment to each of your creditors. Some individuals have money set aside such as money in savings or a retirement account, while others require a payment plan. Our debt settlement plans typically run from (6) to thirty-six (36) months in length.

    Do I Need a Debt Settlement Attorney in Phoenix?

    There are many companies out there advertising “debt settlement.” Unlike a lot of these companies that either work for the credit card companies or are a complete scam, we are a firm of licensed Arizona attorneys working within rules of professional conduct. With our firm you will have the assurance of knowing your matter is being handled by an experienced Phoenix debt settlement attorney.

    Is Debt Settlement the Best Solution for my Financial Troubles?

    If you meet with a debt settlement lawyer they will likely tell you that debt settlement is your best option, and if you meet with a bankruptcy attorney they will often persuade to file bankruptcy. At Instant Settle Consultants we handle both debt settlement and bankruptcy. Therefore, we are able to give you an unbiased opinion that other firms are unable to offer.

    Why Choose Ariano & Associates, PLLC?

    Our experienced debt settlement attorneys have been helping Arizona residents find financial resolutions since 2009.

    We offer free consultations with an experienced debt settlement and bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix. Evening and weekend appointments available upon request. Call us 24/7 for assistance.

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